赛博体育app下载-TEAM CHINA X 怡宝丨陆上赛艇百日创纪录赛成都站今日开赛


Original title: TEAM CHINA X C'estbon丨The 100-day record-setting race of land rowing starts today in Chengdu

原标题:TEAM CHINA X C'estbon丨100天创纪录的划船比赛今天在成都开始

On September 27th, the 100-day record-breaking land rowing race started in Chengdu. This is the sub-station with the most interactive experience of this event since its launch in June. C'estbon, as a partner of the Chinese national team, will spare no effort to provide professional supplies and service guarantees for the event.

9月27日,破纪录的100天划船比赛在成都开始。自从6月启动以来,这是该活动最具互动性的变电站。 C'estbon作为中国国家队的合作伙伴,将不遗余力地为赛事提供专业的用品和服务保证。

In order to meet the dual needs of watching and participating, the event first arranged record-setting competitions for different age groups of professional athletes with ski ergometer and rowing ergometer, which aroused strong interest from the audience.


The organizer also specially invited the principal of the Sichuan Water Sports School, the windsurfing Olympic champion Yin Jian, and the Sichuan women’s volleyball Olympic champion Chen Jing to demonstrate and explain the essentials in person, and customized a variety of interesting and record-setting competitions for the general public. activity.


Hundreds of spectators at the scene enthusiastically participated in their own record-breaking activities such as ski dynamometer, rowing dynamometer, "Biathlon" and marathon challenge, etc., and felt "We are all Chinese team (We are all TEAM CHINA)" honor and pride.

数百名现场观众热情地参加了自己创纪录的活动,如滑雪测功机,划船测功机,“冬季两项”和马拉松挑战赛等,并感到“我们都是中国队(我们都是TEAM CHINA)”的荣誉和骄傲。

C'estbon utilizes its own product advantages and brand influence, combined with the characteristics of heavy physical energy consumption of land-based rowing, to provide a variety of beverage replenishment support for the event and to prepare drinks for the people on site. At the same time, Dr. Gao Zhao from the Guangdong Institute of Sports Science was also invited to conduct knowledge popularization and scientific guidance on how to scientifically replenish water in sports and how to drink healthy water in life.




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