In the first round of the Bundesliga, Dortmund beat Borussia Borussia 3-0 at home. After the game, Hornet coach Favre praised Paslak for playing well. This defender replaced Hazard and played a guest on the left wingback.

在德甲联赛的第一轮比赛中,多特蒙德主场3-0击败了Borussia Borussia。赛后,大黄蜂教练法弗尔(Farre)赞扬帕斯拉克(Paslak)表现出色。该后卫取代了哈扎德,在左后卫踢了一名客人。

He played well today, especially when he changed to the court after 15 minutes. He always gives his best in training. Originally at the left wingback position, I did not intend to change, because I do not want to change the system.


I don't know how long he has been injured. I hope it's not serious. I only missed a few days.


Reina has been raising the ball for a long time and Bellingham has also left a very deep impression on me. They have maintained a great momentum.


The 3-0 result is very satisfactory, but don't forget that the opponent has three major injuries in the frontcourt. Borussia is a great team, their pressure has been doing well, this is a difficult game, but we can always score goals at the right time.


There is no point in talking about Bayern now. They are the best team in the world. They won the Champions League and they are very dominant. They are very strong in every position, and this season also introduced a strong support like Sane.


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