赛博体育app下载|路人:阿耶莎就是NBA太太团中的勒布朗 做什么都错


Netease Sports reported on October 20:


Today, the Warriors star


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Many people attacked Ayesha, calling her look disgusting and ugly, and whether she wanted to be white (changing her blonde hair). A user with an ID of Chris posted a photo of Ayesha before and after dyeing her hair, with the text: "Brothers, why did she do this?" Many people abused Ayesha on this tweet.

许多人攻击了Ayesha,称她的脸色令人恶心和丑陋,以及她是否想要变白(改变她的金发)。 ID为Chris的用户在染赛博体育app下载发前后张贴了Ayesha的照片,上面写着:“兄弟,为什么要这么做?”很多人在此推文上滥用Ayesha。

"Ayesha is basically LeBron in the basketball player’s wives," said a user whose ID is Chef BoyarDAN. "No matter what she does, good, bad, or neutral, people always have a Pile of things to be sprayed."

一位ID为Chef BoyarDAN的用户说:“ Ayesha基本上是篮球运动员妻子中的勒布朗。” “无论她做什么,好,坏或中立,人们总会有赛博体育一堆东西要喷。”

@Chef BoyarDAN is a private account with only 300 fans. His sentence has received close to 10,000 likes, and many passers-by have stood up for Ayesha:

@Chef BoyarDAN是一个只有300名粉丝的私人帐户。他的判决已收到近10,000个赞,许多路人都为​​Ayesha辩护:

"A lot of people didn't realize that this was actually just a wig, and they made her seem to be bleached."


"The sad thing is that most of the people who attacked Ayesha were black women," another fan said.


"This thing about Ayesha made me thoroughly understand. That's how the nigger is. Every morning you open your eyes and black women," another netizen said.


Ayesha has been attacked by netizens many times in the past. For example, she once said that women should not be exposed in outer clothing, and should not be too sexy to be seen by people who are not their partners. This has triggered various ridicules. She also admitted in a later interview that she had never been able to integrate into the black world because of her multinational ancestry.


As we all know, in the NBA, LeBron is a huge traffic presence. No matter what he does, the public will always interpret him in various ways, and it will always cause a bloody storm. As one of the fans mentioned above, Ayesha does have such an effect now...


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