Every night at 20:30, the new return of the goddess convention is here! In 2020, we will set sail again. The old guys will give your score at the end of the article!

每天晚上20:30,女神会议的新归来就在这里! 2020年,我们将再次起航。老人们会在文章结尾给出您的分数!

In the last issue, Nina Dobrev scored 9.2 points in the hearts of users at station D.

在上一期杂志中,尼娜·杜波列夫(Nina Dobrev)在D站的用户心中获得9.2分。

Guan Xiaotong, born in Beijing on September 17, 1997, is a film and television actress in Mainland China.


In 2001, completed his solo debut work "Smoky Sea Ups and Downs". In 2005, he was recognized by the audience by virtue of the fantasy action film "Promise". In 2008, she emerged as a big girl in the epochal romantic drama "How Far is Happiness". In 2014, he won the New Actress Award for the Chinese Opera Festival for his fashionable emotional drama "One Servant, Two Masters". In 2015, he released his personal music album "Eighteen".

2001年,完成了他的个人处女作《烟熏海浪起伏》。 2005年,他凭借奇幻动作片《无极》获得了观众赛博体育app下载的认可。 2008年,她在划时代的浪漫剧《幸福有多远》中饰演大女孩。 2014年,他以时尚的情感戏剧《一个仆人,两个大师赛博体育app下载》获得了中国戏曲节新女演员奖。 2015年,他发行了个人音乐专辑“ Eighteen”。

In 2016, she received widespread attention for starring in the urban romantic drama "Mr. Good", and won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award for the play; in the same year, she was jointly criticized with Zheng Shuang, Zhou Dongyu and Yang Zi It is the "four little girls born in the 90s". In 2017, the starring youth campus inspirational drama "Aurora Love" was broadcast. On July 23, 2018, the starring youth fighting drama "Sweet Crit" was broadcast.

2016年,她因出演都市浪漫电视剧《老先生》而受到广泛关注,并获得第二十三届上海电视节木兰奖最佳赛博体育女配角奖。同年,她与郑爽,周冬雨和杨子共同受到批评。这是“四十年代出生的四个小女孩”。 2017年,播放了主演的青年校园励志剧《极光之恋》。 2018年7月23日,播放了主演的青年格斗剧《甜蜜的暴击》。

On January 4, 2019, Guan Xiaotong was selected as the final candidate for the new generation of acting school four Xiaohuadan by China Film Channel. On August 27, 2020, Guan Xiaotong ranked 71st in the "2020 Forbes Chinese Celebrity List".

2019年1月4日,关晓彤被中国电影频道选为第四届表演学校小花旦的最终候选人。 2020年8月27日,关晓彤在“ 2020年福布斯中国名人榜”上排名第71位。

At 20:30 every night, lock the 2020 Goddess Assembly at Station D!


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