"Team Daily" news: Due to conflicts with sports director Leonardo on signings and reinforcements, Paris coach Tuchel does not want to renew his contract and hopes to leave the club.

《 Team Daily》新闻:由于与体育总监Leonardo在签约和增援方面发生冲突,巴黎教练Tuchel不想续约,并希望离开俱乐部。

It is reported that 47-year-old Tuchel and 51-year-old Leonardo have a power struggle. Tuchel hopes to increase signings and reinforcements, but Leonardo sharply refuted the request of the Paris coach. Therefore Tuchel does not want to renew his expiring contract and may choose to leave the club.


However, according to the analysis of the “Team Daily”, things may also turn for the better. For wealthy Qatari bosses, such internal discord and noise is not what they want to see. An unnamed person revealed: “If the situation is If this continues, they will abandon one of Tuchel and Leonardo." The person also revealed that the Qatari boss is also not satisfied with Leonardo's signing policy.


During the epidemic, Paris has already lost close to 100 million euros. Leonardo said: “In order to stay in the club, you need to bear the pain for the team. You need to sacrifice yourself because we are going through a complex and difficult period.”


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