Since there is a story, there must be an opening and a reason. Everything starts on May 24, 2015, when Stoke City beat the Reds by a score of 6-1. With the Phoenix as the symbol of the team, Liverpool fell into a bottom that seemed to be bottomless.


Regarding that afternoon that saddened countless Liverpool fans, perhaps it was not that Gerrard ended his 710-game Red Army career, or that it was not the stateless and shocked Miliole who played 23 minutes in the first half of the game. The door was breached 5 degrees in time.


It’s not even the team’s big list to play in this game-in the Red Army's starting lineup at the time, Emre Can was the right back, and the front two team was Coutinho and Lallana, the 19-year-old Iby Forced to accept an interview on the club's official channel after the game. You must know that Iby was only 19 years old, and when he appeared before the start of the second half, the Reds were already behind 0-5.


These memories are not the most impressive among Red Army fans. What is truly unforgettable is the anger deep in their hearts; it is the picture of Liverpool fans waiting in the player tunnel to denounce their coach and players. Many fans chose to leave at the end of the half-time game, but some fans waited bitterly for the final whistle to sound.


That was the bottom of the rock.


"A big mistake enough to end get out of class," the Liverpool Echo wrote at the time. However, the then coach Rogers was able to stay in office after the defeat, but from that day on, the gears started to work and everything began to change.


The reason why Liverpool can reach today's heights can be said that this road to success began at the Britannia Stadium that day.


On Thursday, October 8, 2015, Klopp officially became the Liverpool coach. Four days ago, the club CEO Ian Al informed Rogers to come to the Melwood training base to attend the meeting. Northern Irish people know what they will usher in.

2015年10月8日,星期四,克洛普正式成为利物浦教练。四天前,俱乐部首席执行官Ian Al通知Rogers来到Melwood培训基地参加会议。北爱尔兰人知道他们将迎来什么。

Before this day, his Red Army had just drew 1-1 with Everton in the Merseyside derby, and the team had only one win in nearly 9 games in all competitions, and only ranked in the league. Tenth, the team lacks self-confidence and disorientation. The team changed the coaching staff in the new season and introduced a lot of new players to join, but the scars of the previous one have not healed.


The time for change came quietly.


In a statement confirming Rogers' dismissal from get out of class, Liverpool said that the team was "looking" for a new coach, and they hoped to appoint a new coach "decisively and in time".


In fact, the Red Army had already confirmed their candidates.


As early as October 1, three days before Rogers dismissed get out of class, Klopp met with the senior executives of Fenway Sports Group at the Sherman-Stelling Law Firm on Lexington Avenue. After leaving Dortmund, Klopp vowed to give himself a year off. However, after leaving the coaching position for more than 5 months, he still broke his word. The Germans hope to return to the coaching position quickly. Westside regained the coach.


The Fenway Group, jointly built by John Henry, Tom Warner, and Mike Gordon, completed their "choice of coaches" early. They made a 60-page survey report on Klopp, which included all the details about the training course to the personal background of the Germans. On the second day, the two sides met at the Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue to formally reach an agreement for the second time.


Klopp’s agent, Mark Kosik, was in charge of the contract terms of the talks, while the Germans were thinking about it alone in Central Park. A week later, he will stand in front of all the Red Army fans, raising Liverpool's iconic shirt with both hands, while accepting the attention of the whole world. He will be the key person to revive Anfield.

克洛普的经纪人马克·科西克(Mark Kosik)负责谈判的合同条款,而德国人则在中央公园独自思考。一周后,他将站在红军所有拥护者的面前,双手举起利物浦的标志性衬衫,同时引起全世界的关注。他将是复兴安菲尔德的关键人物。

"We can't describe how excited we are," Gordon told Klopp in a text message after the two meetings in New York. The German's reply was short and on the subject. "Wow!!!" he replied. Klopp was ready at that time.

在两次纽约会议之后,戈登在短信中对克洛普说:“我们无法描述我们有多兴奋。”德国人的答复简短而就此。 “哇!!!”他回答。克洛普当时已经准备好了。

T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E (terrible). The word was written entirely in neat capital letters, and the reason Klopp did this was to highlight additional effects. In the press center of the Melwood training base, players all want to know whether Klopp made this conclusion whether he believes the team he took over is like this, or whether the state of the team in the past few months is equivalent to this word.


No, Klopp explained. "Bad" is how he hopes his opponent will feel after facing his team. Those opponents will feel exhausted physically and mentally, unable to cope with the energy, aggressiveness, and teamwork that the Reds have shown on the court. He said that Anfield will be the most feared stadium in world football.


In fact, Klopp was taken aback by what he saw when he came to Merseyside. The German found that the team's strength is already very good-of course, it is clear that the team's attack line lacks speed and must be properly reinforced-but he found that the team's problems are related to mentality. Whether on the court or in the auditorium, tension and anxiety spread everywhere. He said at the time that Liverpool did not seem to be enjoying football anymore. The reason is that the Germans said that this should be Liverpool's past team history is really brilliant.


"When I came to the team, I said that no one likes this team, not even we ourselves!" He said in an interview last year. "It's really the case. They feel that they are not capable of playing for Liverpool because everyone has given them such feedback and feelings in the game."

“当我加入团队时,我说没有人喜欢这个团队,甚至我们自己都不喜欢!”他在去年的一次采访中说。 “的确如此。他们认为他们没有能力为利物浦效力,因为每个人在比赛中都给了他们这样的反馈和感觉。”

In the first interview after taking office, Klopp talked about the idea of ​​changing from "questioners to believers", hoping to make fans feel enthusiastic about the team again. He said that the club must start again and the distance between the fans and the team must be closer. He also said, "The glorious history should not be a burden on us."


At that time, the players of the Red Army also received a lot of malicious attacks in private. "For me, only really important and relevant criticisms are really critical," Klopp told the players. "As for the rest? Let it go, leave it alone."

当时,红军的玩家还私下收到了许多恶意攻击。克洛普对球员说:“对我来说,只有真正重要和相关的批评才是真正的批评。” “剩下的呢?放开,别管它。”

"He said a lot about the team to believe in themselves, have faith, be brave and fearless," Lallana recalled. "He also said to work hard to come back for himself, these are what he wants to see." On the training ground, he always asks the players to release more energy and cooperate with each other. In addition to training, he hopes that the players will stay away from the spotlight and create a comfortable environment for everyone; although it looks relaxed, Klopp's work is full of challenges.

拉拉纳回忆说:“他对车队说了很多,他们相信自己,有信心,勇敢无畏。” “他还说要努力回到自己身边,这就是他想看到的。”在训练场上,他总是要求球员释放更多的能量并互相合作。除了训练外,他还希望球员们远离聚光灯,为所有人创造一个舒适的环境。尽管看起来很轻松,但克洛普的工作充满了挑战。

At the beginning of joining the team, Klopp gathered all the staff of the Melwood training base. From doorman, to chef, to analyst. "Do you know their names?" Klopp asked the players. "You have to get to know them! They are the ones who help you play well on the court. Everyone must have a sense of responsibility."

加入团队之初,Klopp聚集了Melwood培训基地的所有员工。从门卫到厨师,再到分析师。 “你知道他们的名字吗?”克洛普问球员。 “你必须认识他们!他们是帮助你在球场上打出好成绩的人。每个人都必须有责任感。”

On the court, the team's progress is sometimes smooth and sometimes bumpy. At that time, the Red Army was able to achieve impressive victories in Chelsea and Manchester City, but games such as the home loss to Crystal Palace would also frustrate Klopp. "After the (winning) goal in the 82nd minute, I saw a lot of people leave the court," he said. "At that moment I felt extremely lonely. We felt it was time to end this."

在球场上,团队的进步有时会平稳,有时会遇到颠簸。当时,红军在切尔西和曼城取得了骄人的胜利,但是诸如水晶宫失利之类的比赛也使克洛普感到沮丧。他说:“在第82分钟的进球后,我看到很多人离开球场。” “那一刻,我感到非常孤独。我们认为是时候结束这一点了。”

A month later, Liverpool narrowly tied West Bromwich Albion with Origi’s stoppage time goal at home. After the final whistle sounded, Klopp led his players to the Red Army fans in the stands, waving to everyone in respect. At that time, Klopp was slammed and ridiculed-the reason is simple, the team was only ranked 9th in the league, and the performance in this game was also extremely bad. But the message from the Germans is very obvious: fans accompany the team to the last minute, so the team should do the same. The "restart" of the Red Army has also begun.


When Klopp first came to Anfield, it was widely believed that the Germans would quickly and thoroughly reform Liverpool's lineup. When Klopp took office, the press conference was always full of rumors about the new aid he might sign, and he was puzzled. "I believe in the power of training," he told reporters. "Sometimes I even feel like I am the only person in this country who believes in training. Others seem to believe that only a transfer can improve the team's strength."

当克洛普第一次来到安菲尔德时,人们普遍认为德国人会迅速彻底地改革利物浦的阵容。克洛普上任时,新闻发布会上一直充斥着关于他可能签署的新援助的谣言,他对此感到困惑。他告诉记者:“我相信训练的力量。” “有时候,我什至觉得我是这个国家唯一相信训练的人。其他人似乎认为,只有调动才能提高球队的实力。”

Klopp also did what he said, and from the beginning he fulfilled his statement. In the first transfer window coaching the Red Army, the team only introduced Caulk from the Queens Park Rangers on loan. This operation was also a temporary measure to deal with the team's lack of personnel in the back line. In the following summer, the arrival of Matip and Grujic filled the shortage of the Red Army's defense line.


Klopp also gave a lot of young players a chance to perform, and he recalled many young players on rent. In the first 7 months of coaching, Uncle Zha gave 9 young teenagers the opportunity to play in the first team, and used a total of 14 players under the age of 22.


In the 2015-16 season, Liverpool finally ranked 8th in the league; in addition, the team first lost the League Cup final, and then regrettably and painfully lost to Sevilla in the Europa League final in Basel. The Red Army also missed the Champions League qualification, Klopp and his player recruitment team also immediately began to act.


Matip, who joined the team from Schalke 04 in free form, provided a reliable candidate for the Red Army in the central defender position, but the real promotion of the Red Army is the addition of Mane and Wijnaldum. Mane, who moved from Southampton to Liverpool for £30 million, added speed and threat to the Red Army’s frontcourt. He is also expected to be the team’s best player of the season; and transferred from Newcastle, which was relegated at the time, for £25 million. The coming Wijnaldum quickly became an irreplaceable member of the starting lineup. The Dutch midfielder has excellent comprehensiveness, can play multiple positions, and always knows the coach's tactics against him. Claim.


Klopp initially hoped to be able to introduce the Gotze trained and trained in Dortmund in the past, but after communicating with the German international, Uncle Zha believes that the former disciple does not have a 100% willingness to join.


"It's like pushing a train, not jumping on a moving train," Klopp told reporters at the time. After Goetze's transfer was shelved, Liverpool defeated Tottenham and introduced Senegalese star Mane, adding a fast horse to the team.


Unlike his predecessor Rogers, Klopp has a very good relationship with the player recruitment department of the team, especially Michael Edwards, who became the head of the Red Army sports in November 2016, which is also crucial.

不同于他的前任罗杰斯(Rogers),克洛普(Klopp)与球队的球员招募部门有着很好的关系,尤其是迈克尔·爱德华兹(Michael Edwards),他在2016年11月成为红军体育部的负责人,这也至关重要。

"One of Klopp's greatest strengths is that he has the ability and willingness to trust those around him," said a source within the Red Army. "Whether it is a medical team, a data analyst, a nutritionist or a player recruiter, he trusts the professional abilities of these people.

红军内部的消息人士说:“克洛普最大的优势之一就是他有能力和愿意信任周围的人。” “无论是医疗团队,数据分析师,营养学家还是球员招募者,他都相信这些人的专业能力。

"If he feels the need, he will certainly question these people, but his general attitude is,'Since they are here because they are experts in this area, I should listen to them.'" The way achieved success that everyone can see.


For example, Salah’s transfer from Rome in 2017 was done under the impetus of Edwards and his team, and Klopp initially preferred Brandt who was playing at Leverkusen. . "He can score a lot of goals, trust me," Edwards said to Klopp at the time. "They kept telling me about him (Salah)," Klopp later admitted frankly.

例如,萨拉赫赛博体育(Salah)在2017年从爱德华兹(Edwards)及其团队的推动下转会到罗马,而克洛普(Klopp)最初更喜欢在勒沃库森(Leverkusen)踢球的布兰特(Brandt)。 。 “他可以打进很多进球,相信我,”爱德华兹当时对克洛普说。 “他们一直在告诉我关于他(萨拉)的事情,”克洛普后来坦率地承认。

Salah has indeed lived up to expectations, scoring many goals; so far, the Egyptian Pharaoh has played 144 games on behalf of the Red Army and scored 91 goals. Klopp does not always think that he is the first or even the second choice-for example, over the years he has missed things like Gotze, Chilwell, Pulisic, Draxler, Teixeira, Zelling Players such as Ski and Dahoud, but he and Edwards can always make a correct signing plan at the right time.

萨拉赫(Salah)确实实现了期望,实现了许多目标。到目前为止,埃及法老代表红军打了144场比赛,打进91球。克洛普并不总是认为自己是第一选择,甚至不是第二选择。例如,多年来,他错过了Gotze,Chilwell,Pulisic,Draxler,Teixeira,Zelling Player等滑雪和Dahoud等球员,但他和Edwards可以始终在正确的时间制定正确的签名计划。

"Our cooperation is great, very, very good," Klopp said in December last year. "The whole department under his rule has always worked very well." And this kind of work has taken a solid step after step in the past few years, and now the Liverpool team has gradually taken shape.

去年12月,克洛普说:“我们的合作非常好,非常非常好。” “在他的统治下,整个部门一直运转良好。”在过去的几年中,这种工作已迈出了坚实的一步,现在利物浦团队已逐渐形成。

In 2016, it was Matip, Mane and Wijnaldum. The following summer was Salah, Robertson and Chamberlain. At the same time, the Red Army also sold Iby, Benteke, Sacco and Joe Allen. After the players received a lot of transfer proceeds, they also expanded the signings budget.


But for the club, if you want to upgrade in a real sense, you must accept two things. First, Liverpool must sell Coutinho, the team's first star at the time. Second, they must make good use of the funds obtained from selling the Brazilian, at least to finalize two sensational transfers like dunks.


As the 2017-18 season was about to begin, Coutinho had already submitted a transfer application to the club, but the Brazilian finally stayed in the team at the time and joined Barcelona as he wished five months later. Under Klopp, Coutinho was very important to the performance of the Red Army, so this transfer was tantamount to a major blow, but the Red Army had already made further plans at the time.


Soon after Coutinho completed his transfer and went to Spain for development, the Red Army signed Van Dijk from Southampton for £75 million and built the team's original weak defensive system around him. This is also Liverpool's first "slam dunk".


That summer, the Red Army also filled in the last few puzzle pieces. Less than 48 hours after losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League final, the team announced that Fabinho had joined the team. In addition, Nabi Keita, who was finalized in the previous season, also officially joined the Red Army after staying in RB Leipzig for a year.

那个夏天,红军还填写了最后几个拼图。在冠军联赛决赛中输给皇家马德里不到48小时后,车队宣布法比尼奥加入了车队。此外,在上个赛季定稿的纳比·凯塔(Nabi Keita)在RB莱比锡(RB Leipzig)呆了一年后也正式加入了红军。

Then came the goalkeeper. In order to get Alisson, Liverpool paid 65 million pounds. "This is the best deal," the player recruitment department of the Red Army told Klopp. And this is the second "slam dunk" of the Red Army.


After the Champions League final that season, Klopp apologized in an interview with reporters, “I tried my best, but everything was still not good enough.” However, when another season was about to begin, he adjusted his state and once again felt like a spring breeze. Towards the road to the crown.


"We are still Rocky-like attitude, not Drago", Klopp said when comparing his team with Manchester City before the start of the season, but he knows his team has the ability to strike hard. The Red Army experienced the departure of Coutinho and the pain of the Kiev night, but they were still advancing and groping in an orderly manner. From now on, the time that belongs to Liverpool begins.


Since then, the state of the Red Army has become unstoppable. After losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League final, Liverpool have lost only 2 of 67 league games and achieved 57 victories. In other words, Liverpool scored 179 points out of the 204 points possible during the period (Annotation: The original author said 182 points, which was verified as a calculation error).


Liverpool also ushered in one championship after another. In June last year, Klopp's team defeated Tottenham in Madrid and won the sixth Champions League trophy in team history. Subsequently, the Red Army won the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup successively.


If it weren't for the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Red Army would almost be crowned the Premier League crown. Before the suspension of the league, Liverpool had a 25-point lead over Manchester City. Although it has not officially won the cup, Liverpool is already regarded as the Premier League champion this season.


"They are all F*cking mentality giants (F*cking mentality giants)", when talking about the players under his command. This is a team capable of facing any challenge. They have endless hunger, determination and tacit teamwork. Their physical state always makes their opponents breathless, and they can often crush the opponent tactically. They are an opponent that no one wants to face. Going to see this Liverpool now, everything is as Klopp hoped to see when he first entered the team's locker room in 2015.


From Salah, who won the Premier League Golden Boot for two consecutive seasons, to the well-deserved PFA player of the season Van Dyke, Liverpool has now become an unstoppable force. If there is no end to the season, then Henderson, Mane and Arnold are also expected to be the PFA players of the season after the team captain.


Mentioned that this Liverpool left the deepest impression, then it may be that the success of this team cannot be separated from the contribution of every player. In October last year, when the Golden Globe Awards announced the selection list, as many as seven Red Army players were selected. The fans only give them love and admiration.


"I really like our picture of world football together", Klopp said in an interview last August. "A phenomenal team keeps playing crazy games with a big heart! Everyone is united and working hard in the same direction."

克洛普在去年八月的一次采访中说:“我真的很喜欢我们对世界足球的印象。” “一个出色的团队一直怀着一颗开放的心去玩疯狂的游戏!每个人都团结一致,朝着同一个方向努力。”

It is less than five years since Klopp picked up the Red Army coach, but you might as well think about the memory of the Germans for this team, how many important victories they have brought, and how they have contributed.


Lovren against Dortmund, Mane and Origi against Everton, the team's victories against Manchester City and Rome, Chamberlain's world wave, Arnold's clever corner assists against Barcelona, ​​and Salah The night of redemption in Madrid...


Think about the progress of the players. Look at Robertson and Henderson, Wijnaldum and Firmino. Milner set an example in the team. Joe Gomez continues to grow and improve. Perhaps Curtis Jones and Elliott will also join their ranks as a new generation of outstanding youth players.

考虑一下球员的进步。看看罗伯逊和亨德森,威纳尔杜姆和菲尔米诺。米尔纳在团队中树立了榜样。乔·戈麦斯(Joe Gomez)不断发展壮大。也许柯蒂斯·琼斯(Curtis Jones)和埃利奥特(Elliott)也将作为新一代杰出青年球员加入他们的行列。

Outside the green field, Liverpool's progress is also continuing. The team's new training ground is about to be completed, and the club is also preparing to further expand the Anfield Stadium. In terms of business operations, the club has also ushered in a surge in revenue, and the team will also reach new heights in this area due to the contract with the new jersey sponsor.


The soul mentor of this team will continue to lead the team. In December last year, Klopp renewed his contract with the club until 2024. "I can't think about leaving the team at all," he said at the time.


How could he leave? This club is already at the pinnacle of football, and the coach is at the pinnacle of his career. The doubters turn into believers and become achievers.


This is Klopp and his red empire. At least he's not bad, right?


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